27 July, 2021
HSC Scholarship Result 2020 PDF Published

HSC Scholarship Result 2021 (HSC স্কলারশীপ রেজাল্ট দেখুন এখানে)

HSC Scholarship Result 2021: Check your HSC Scholarship for all Education Boards of Bangladesh. All Boards of Bangladesh has published their HSC result. If you are looking for this HSC Scholarship result. Then you have reached the best and the right platform to check your HSC Scholarship result 2020. Here you can find your Scholarship result for all education Boards.

There are eight Education Boards in Bangladesh. They are Dhaka Education Board, Rajshahi Education Board, Dinajpur Education Board, Jessore Education Board, Comilla Education Board, Chittagong Education Board, Barishal Education Board, Sylhet Education Board and also Madrasah Education Board. They have published their HSC exam Scholarship result 2021 in a recent.

So check your HSC Scholarship result and download HSC scholarship result Pdf from this website.

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 PDF PublishedHSC Scholarship Result 2021 Publish Date

Are you waiting for the HSC Scholarship result? I hope your answer is positive. Because all HSC passed students are feel tensed about their HSC Scholarship. After got the HSC exam result students normally felt worried about their Scholarship. Now nothing to worry about it.

So this is time to feel easy from this tension. Because in recent times, all education boards will publish their HSC scholarship results in 2021. All education Boards will publish their Scholarship result on different days.

The estimated and imagined date to publish the HSC scholarship result in November. In the past year, All education Boards has published the HSC Scholarship result in November.

So we can hope that If all boards are active to make the HSC result. Then the HSC result will be published at the same time as the past Year. So keep waiting for this Scholarship result 2020 and keep eyes on the internet.

How to Check HSC Scholarship Result 2021 (Easy & Best Way)

Are you thinking “How to Check HSC Scholarship result?”. If your answer is positive. Then I can give you an easy and the Best way to check the Scholarship result. Online result checking is an easy and short way to check HSC Scholarship results. If you are an online user. Then this method is very useful and simple for you. Just you have to follow the below steps carefully to get your result.

  • At first, Open your Browser to browse the Internet.
  • Now go to https://www.pickingwp.com.
  • Here you can see the HSC Scholarship result 2021 for all education boards.
  • Now go to your own Education Boards website and find out your result.
  • At last, download this Scholarship result.

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 – All Education Board

Do you know? All Education Boards of Bangladesh has published the HSC Scholarship 2021. If you are finding this Scholarship result in 2021. Then no more wait for this result.

Now you can check your HSC Scholarship 2020 from one place. All education boards have published their Scholarship result 2020 on their personal website. So all HSC Scholarship expected students have to find their result on their own education Board website. You can check your results on your own education Boards from here.

Dhaka Boards HSC Scholarship result 2021

Rajshahi Boards HSC Scholarship result 2021

Dinajpur Boards HSC Scholarship result 2021

Chittagong Boards HSC Scholarship result 2021

Barishal Boards HSC Scholarship result 2021

Comilla Boards HSC Scholarship result 2021

Sylhet Boards HSC Scholarship result 2021

Who will get the HSC scholarship 2021?

In this year 2020, about 11 Lakhs 41 Thousand and 374 students have passed the HSC exam. There are many students who passed the HSC exam with GPA-5. Some of the Students got GPA-5 for all subjects. That is called Golden plus in Bangladesh. The GPA-5 rate is increased day by day.

All GPA-5 holder students have applied for the HSC scholarship. But The Education boards of Bangladesh do not give this desired the HSC Scholarship. They gave 27000 students a Scholarship. So that is a very expected thing for all students. as usual the past year, the Education Board selects the student to give the HSC scholarship by Student’s result.

They decided to give the Scholarship who have got average 90-95 marks in all subject. If that is not possible to find the desired students. Then they will find the students for an average of 80-85 marks in all subjects. If you are in the marked zone then nothing to worry about it. You will be an HSC Scholarship holder of 2020.

HSC Scholarship Result 2020 pdf Download

Hey HSC Scholarship Expected Student. Are you looking for an HSC Scholarship result 2020 pdf? I think your answer is YES. Because only the Scholarship expected student has visited this post. So guys nothing to think about this result pdf file. I am going to share with you the HSC Scholarship result 2020 pdf download link. From this link, you can download the HSC Scholarship result 2020 for all Boards very easily. You should download the HSC Scholarship result 2020 pdf file for your own education boards. So that you can find out your results easily (HSC).

How many types of HSC/Alim Scholarship?

There are two types of HSC/Alim Scholarship. These are

  1. HSC Talent Pool Scholarship
  2. HSC General Grade Scholarship

Below, I want to define these two types of Scholarship in a short word. Have a small look at this topic.

HSC Talent Pool Scholarship 2021

After passed the HSC exam the most wanted and desired things of a student is Talent Pool Scholarship. Because that is very honored and they give 550 TK for a month that makes 6600 TK per year.

HSC General Grade Scholarship 2021


Hey Dude. How about this post? I hope this post will help you to check your Scholarship result 2021. In this long post, I have explained HSC Scholarship result, result publish Date, How to check Scholarship result 2020 ( Easy and Best way ) and at the last of a post I have given HSC result and Scholarship result 2021 download link. From here you can download the HSC Scholarship result PDF file.

I think you can check your Scholarship result 2021 here very easily ad simply. If you make any problem to check or download the HSC or Scholarship result 2021. Then ask me at the comment box. I will help you to check and get your HSC Scholarship results in 2021. By the way, Thanks for ending this long post.

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